Chiller Mini York - YCWE Series

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Water-Cooled Modular Scroll Chillers:

The  YORK® YCWE-E Series  oWater-cooled Chillers are  designed for  energy-efficiency, reliability  and sustainability. The YCWE-E Series  is modular  design  – making it perfect for retrofits and new construction

+) Exceptional Performance

The efficient and optimized design

+) History of Reliability

Flexible Application

When   your  reputation  is  at  stake,   count   on  efficient, reliable  cooling  and   heating   solutions   from  YORK®  to lowecosts  and  maximize uptime  with dependability  you can count-on. Have peace  of minding in knowing that Johnson  Controls has the largest  servicand preventative maintenance organization  in the world.

+) Smart Control

Controlled   with   the   new-generation   microcomputers, allows  for  easy  connection  to  the  buildinautomation system.


The  YORK® YCWE-E series  uses  R-410A,  which  is safe, available, anaffordable  anprovides  the  best  operating efficiency for YORK®  chillers.

+)Flexible Application


YCWE series  provides  a wide  operation  range  tmeet  a variety of climates  and locations  without kits or add-ons.